Accept or Reject Jesus as LORD

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Accept JESUS as LORD

Reject JESUS as LORD

- Jesus, sinless, died for all sinners,

was raised to life, gives life, God is love.

- Jesus did suffer and He did die for you,

He doesn't condemn you, God is love.

- you reject dead religion, church guilt,

want to know a personal, living God.

- you may try to be good, live a good life,

but know you can never be good enough.

- you admit you are a hopeless sinner,

have a desperate need for a Savior.

- you may feel good enough, not that bad,

feel no real need to be saved, for a Savior.

- know you are not good, harm others,

and you reject your sinful, selfish pride.

- you deny, defy, and disobey God,

and can't reject your sinful, selfish ways.

- you accept God's free gift, are saved,

you submit, and it costs you your life.

- you reject His offer to forgive you,

and it costs you in your life now.

- you surrender your life to Him,

you serve only Jesus as your LORD.

- you keep your life to serve yourself,

with your will, your plan, not God's.

- you are born again, by the Holy Spirit,

now spiritually alive, a child of God.

- you were born physically alive,

but born spiritually dead, apart from God.

- you are His new creation, by His Spirit,

all your good deeds are for His glory.

- you have no Holy Spirit, no real peace,

and any good deeds are for your glory.

- you obey only 1 Master, are His slave,

are fully owned by Jesus alone.

- you have many Masters, like a servant,

maybe Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, ...

- you want to proclaim His full truth,

to be His witness, to show His love.

- you won't submit to Jesus as LORD,

your mind is blinded, deceived by Satan.

- you walk His difficult path,

mostly serving, speaking and suffering.

- you walk your own easy path,

mostly doing whatever you want to.

- you get God's blessings, by His Spirit,

His love, joy, & peace in your struggles.

- you get the consequences of your sin,

depression, guilt, shame, doubt, and fear.

- on your death, your judgment is final,

Jesus paid for your sins, with His blood.

- on your death, Jesus will judge you,

you pay for all your sins, with your blood.

- you receive God's amazing mercy,

fully undeserved, and unearned by you.

- you receive God's perfect justice,

fully deserved, and chosen by you.

- His path leads to heaven, eternal life,

with your new life now, with Jesus.

- your path leads to hell, eternal death,

your torment forever, alone.

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