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JesusoftheBible.net is about God's Word.

The purpose of JesusoftheBible.net is to offer only God's Word to unbelievers, to equip followers of Jesus with only God's Word and to receive donations to proclaim only God's Word, like “A Verse at Every Bus Stop”.  

JesusoftheBible.net encourages sharing God's Word, offering 19 documents for viewing, downloading and sharing again.  Almost all are 1 to 2 page documents, easy-to-read, big print and featuring only God's Word, very clear and simple.

6 documents clearly declare only God's Word with His Truth on Sin, Religion, Satan, Jesus and Judgment plus God's Word on Jesus and Life and on Following Jesus.

5 documents simply proclaim only God's Word with His Love for Deceived Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Followers of Jesus and Rejecters of Jesus.  Plus, a Sample Prayer To Be Born Again.

4 documents share their personal “My Life Story” or 'His Story in My Life' (Clark, Mark, Masoud and Ron).  Get a simple guide on How to Write Your 'My Life Story'.

The last 2 are “The Great Sin” by CS Lewis and His command to “Be a Non-Conformist”.

Release 2 (May 2015) provided More Resources to “Go”, featuring 12 additional documents (all big print, mostly 1-pagers): Know & Love Catholics (4) , Encourage the Broken-Hearted (4) and Proclaim GOD's Full Truth (4). And, 2 more “My Life Story” testimonies were added.

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