How to: Write your "My Life Story"

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WHAT: “My Life Story” is your testimony of “His Story in Your Life”. Share 1 sheet of paper, double-sided, big print, of about 1,000 to 1,100 words, pointing people to Jesus. Tell of your life before Jesus, when you surrendered your life to Him and of your life after following Him as Lord and the fruit He increasingly bears in your life for His glory.

WHY: Write your “My Life Story” because of His love, the Holy Spirit in you. Share your “My Life Story” (1) because of His love for the unsaved, including atheists, religious Catholics and deceived “Christians”. Share your “My Life Story” (2) because of His love for followers of Jesus, to encourage them with His great works. Share your “My Life Story” (3) because of your love for Him, so you may obediently share with many that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life. Write your “My Life Story” to glorify Jesus and to love others.

HOW: Set Structure, Brainstorm Content, Write Draft, Revise, Print & Share.

Set Structure for Your “My Life Story”. Your final content of about 1,000 to 1,100 words will have 3 parts: (1) your life before you surrendered your life to Jesus (about 300-400 words), and (2) your life when you gave Him your life and were born again by His Spirit (about 100-200 words), and (3) your new life by His Spirit and the fruit He increasingly bears in your life for His glory (about 500-600 words).

Brainstorm Your “My Life Story” Content.

Rejoice in Prayer and Praise. May the Father's will be done for the glory of His Son Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. May He convict, bless and use us for His purpose and glory alone. May your “My Life Story” exalt Him and proclaim “His Great Story in Your Life”.

Get Ready. Turn an 8 ½ by 11 sheet sideways and fold in half. The right half now is for your brainstorming notes about your life after Jesus. Fold the left half proportionately for your notes about your life before and then coming to Jesus. Draw lines down the folds and add titles for “Life Before Jesus”, “Gave Life To Jesus” and “Life After Jesus”. Read 2 examples: My Life Story – Clark and My Life Story – Ron. Pray again and record your notes of His story in your life.

(1) Your Life Before You Surrendered To Jesus, as your LORD. (300-400 words)

When you were “lost” (and being equipped). Share your past despair with others who are suffering now. For example: feeling depressed, being deceived, been beaten, religious, obedient, abused, abandoned, burdened, empty, discouraged, feeling angry, fearful, damned, with eternal doubt and daily guilt and shame. Share how bad you were, like me, the damage you inflicted on others. Tell of your empty “life” with no hope, no living God and certainly, no peace.

(2) When You Surrendered Your Life To Jesus, Became His Slave. (100-200 words)

When you were “found” (for His purpose and glory). Share the time when you gave Jesus your life, committed to submit, surrender, trust, obey and suffer for Him alone. Don't write: “became a Christian”, “attended church”, “Bible Study classes”, “was baptized” or “said The Sinner's Prayer”. Tell of being humbled, of giving your life to the One who gave His life for you, a wretched sinner, like me, completely unworthy of His forgiveness and eternal salvation.

(3) Your Life After You Submitted to Follow Jesus as LORD. (500-600 words)

Since Jesus gave you His Holy Spirit, being born again as a child of God, “His Story in Your Life”, for His glory alone. “But the fruit of the (Holy) Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23) Tell of His fruit in you for many to know His glory. Tell of being a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), getting a new heart and being set free by His Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:17).

Don't write much about you serving your church (e.g. pastor, music, teaching, facilities), which may be viewed as religious works or self-serving (e.g. profit, pleasure or pride). Write about serving and obeying Him alone, and His amazing transformation of you. For example, write about your freedom from religion, your love for the poor and needy and your suffering with His peace, a peace that defies understanding in your painful and joyful journey. Praise Him for your new heart, your new freedom and your love for the unsaved, with His love. Point your “My Life Story” to Jesus as being the only way to be saved, set free (John 14:6) and at peace with God.

Write about you, Him and 2 Corinthians 3:18, “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasingly glory, which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” Tell of His ongoing, amazing work in you, for His glory.

Having Trouble? When “Born Again”? Bearing Ever Increasing Fruit?

Pray, Read God's Word and Pray Again. Pray that He bless you abundantly with details of His fruit in you for His glory. Or, that He convict you as harshly as you need to repent as a deceived “Christian”, like I was until age 52, disobedient and fruitless, not a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus and true child of God. Read GOD's Word for Deceived “Christians” and pray again.

Rejoice or Repent. By the Holy Spirit, Jesus gives a “My Life Story” to be obediently shared with many for His glory alone. If you have been born again by His Spirit, then remember, rejoice and write your “My Life Story”. If not, then there can't be a “My Life Story” because it's His story. Pray for a repentant heart and a submissive spirit and that He bless you with the faith to surrender, to be born again by His Spirit as a blood-bought slave and follower of Jesus as your Lord. Read Rejoice or Repent and Sample Prayer for You To Be Born Again. Then, pray again.

Write Your “My Life Story” Draft.

Review Brainstorm Notes, Prioritize and Write. Review your brainstorm notes for each of the 3 sections, choose the points that best point people to Jesus for His glory and then write sentences. Don't worry about word counts, just write. More is better to start. It's easier to edit than create, so just write. Avoid using Christian-speak (e.g. grace, redeemed, blood of Jesus).

Text Format. Use Arial 14 pt bold with 6 pt paragraph space lines to produce a 2-page “My Life Story”, suitable for double-sided copying on a single sheet of paper. Very reader-friendly.

Revise Your “My Life Story” Draft.

Get Help, Review, Revise and Sharpen. Objective 3rd party reviews will provide valuable feedback. The goal should be for a “Wow! What a great living, loving God!” reader reaction to your “My Life Story”. Short, clear, crisp sentences deliver strong reader impact.

Print Your “My Life Story” & Share It. Copy the 2-page “My Life Story” double-sided on a single sheet. Three-fold the sheet, like an envelope fold, to produce a small, convenient handout. Share your “My Life Story”, proclaim “His great story in your life”, for His glory alone.

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