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"ONLY GOD'S WORD" Website Section:

>GOD's Word on Sin & Judgment – JESUS Judges to Heaven or Hell.

GOD unconditionally loves you! He warns you, has mercy, is patient with you and is just. JESUS will judge you to eternal heaven or hell.

>GOD's Word on Religion & Judgment – JESUS Hates Religions.

JESUS curses religious priests, despises burdens of man's religion and church, and warns that it leads to eternal death. Trust His Word.

>GOD's Word on Satan & Judgment – Satan Deceives to Death.

Satan tempts with sinful pleasures, deceives, lies, blinds minds from GOD's truth, and wants your eternal torment in hell, just like his.

>GOD's Word on JESUS & Judgment – Only JESUS Can Save You.

JESUS is a jealous GOD. Only He is sinless. Only He saves, not Mary or any religion or church. JESUS will judge you. Trust Him alone.

>GOD's Word on JESUS & Life – JESUS Makes New Creations.

JESUS gives true freedom, fruit of the Holy Spirit, like love, joy and peace, and a full life. He transforms people for His glory alone.

>GOD's Word on Following JESUS – A Slave to JESUS, not Sin.

If you are saved by JESUS, He owns you. He commands you to preach the Word and serve the needy. Love and hate like Him. You will suffer.

“MORE OF GOD'S WORD” Website Section:

>GOD's Word for Deceived 'Christians' – Is JESUS Your LORD?

JESUS said we did not choose Him. He chose us to bear fruit for His glory alone. He warns us. Examine your fruit, your faith with feet.

>GOD's Word for Catholics – JESUS is the Only Sinless One.

GOD's Word proclaims JESUS as the Only Sinless One, the Only Mediator with God and the Only One who can save you, not church or religion.

>GOD's Word for Muslims – JESUS is a Living, Loving GOD.

JESUS will judge you to eternal heaven or hell. He's a living GOD, who loves you and hates dead religion. JESUS sets people free.

>GOD's Word for Rejecters of JESUS – JESUS Lets You Choose.

GOD's Word warns of the eternal torment of hell. He calls all to admit, repent and submit. He always loves you. JESUS will judge you.

>GOD's Word for Followers of JESUS – You Will Suffer.

GOD's Word commands followers of JESUS to trust and obey Him. He commands to tell many that only JESUS saves and to rejoice in suffering.

“MY LIFE STORY” Website Section:

>My Life Story – JESUS Can Heal Abuse, Give a New Heart. (Clark)

Beaten by Dad, stabbed by Mom, drugs, gangs, a God hater who had his back miraculously healed. Plus, given a new heart to love his Dad.

>My Life Story – JESUS Can Heal Depression, Give New Life. (Ron)

Had good upbringing, had model family and inflicted harm on loved ones with 30 years of depression. Only JESUS heals and gives new life.

>My Life Story – JESUS Can Heal Anger and Give His Peace. (Mark)

Dad died, Mom was sick, in foster home, anxious, afraid, with violent anger. Then, JESUS made a new creation, to love all His creation.

>My Life Story – JESUS He is the Only Way, Truth and Life. (Masoud)

Knows the difference between a dead religion of Allah and Mohammad and a new life with the only living, loving God, JESUS. Choose truth.

>My Life Story – JESUS Saves from Endless Trying to Be Good. (Jack)

Never fit in, lived lost and alone in Africa and in Tex-Mex. Been set free from the burden of always trying to be more and to do more.

>My Life Story – JESUS Heals Guilt and Gives His Peace. (Rick)

Often miserable and feeling empty, trusted JESUS to save me and pay the price for my sins, was forever forgiven and given new life.

>My Life Story – Born a Catholic, Born Again as a Child of God. (Barbara)

Rejected Church and dead religion. Trusted Jesus alone for a new life of peace and freedom from guilt, shame, doubt and fear.

>Write Your MY LIFE STORY – Proclaim His Story in Your Life.

Share His story in you. Tell of being a rebel sinner, when He gave you the Holy Spirit, and made a saint for others to witness His glory.


>Sample Prayer, Be Born Again – JESUS gives the Holy Spirit.

JESUS, You are God. I am not. I submit. Thank you for dying for me, saving me from eternal death and giving new life. I will follow You alone.

>Be a Non-Conformist – Romans 12:2, GOD's warning and way.

Reject world views from Satan, who lies and deceives. He battles in your mind. Guard and renew your mind with the truth of God's Word.

>The Great Sin (CS Lewis) – Pride, the Root of All Our Sins.

Everyone is guilty and hates it in others. Pride or Self-Conceit, glory of self, the competitive, greedy, superior sin of “I”, anti-God.

MORE RESOURCES TO “GO” Website Section:

“GO. Know & Love Catholics” sub-section.

>Catechism of the Catholic Church – opposed to GOD's Word.

Muslims are saved. Mary was sinless. Mary saves and hears prayers. Priests forgive sins. All are lies leading to hell, not God's truth.

>Do You Deny JESUS Before Catholics? – Will JESUS Deny You?

Only JESUS was sinless. JESUS is the only mediator with God, not Mary or church. Love Catholics. Give them His full Truth. Fear not.

>Who Believes in JESUS? – Only the JESUS of the Bible saves.

Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Roman Catholics all believe in Jesus, but not in the JESUS of the Bible. Only He can save you.

>The JESUS of the Bible – the Only Sinless One, Only Way.

Only trust God's Word. JESUS, the only sinless One, hates religions, despises priests, loves the religious lost and guarantees salvation.

“Muslims, too” sub-section.

>Teachings of Islam in the Qur'an – contrary to teachings of JESUS.

Allah dislikes non-Muslims. Islam is Allah's religion. Non-Muslims will be sent to Hell. Fight disbelievers (non-Muslims) until only Islam.

“GO. Encourage the Broken-Hearted” sub-section.

>195 Words of Truth & Love from GOD – Satan's Lies & You.

JESUS, God's Word, the truth that can save and set you free. He warns you of Satan. He loves you. JESUS lets you accept or reject Him.

>Encouraging Words from GOD – JESUS Saves from Temptations.

Give JESUS your worries. Submit and get His peace, love and freedom. Trust and follow Him only, be His new creation, for His glory alone.

>Want a New Life of Peace & Freedom? – Submit, Be Set Free.

Spiritual? Only one way to heaven, not hell. Submit to and follow JESUS alone. Get His free gift of salvation and a new life of freedom.

>Born Blinded by Satan – Be Born Again and Saved by JESUS.

JESUS is Creator and final Judge. Satan rules this world, deceives, tempts and lures with Pleasure. Submit, be born again by His Spirit.

“GO. Proclaim GOD'S Full Truth” sub-section.

>GOD's Words of Life & Death – His Warning, Promise & Love.

God warns of eternal hell for sinners. We are all sinners. JESUS loves all and will save sinners who repent. He will rightly judge you.

>GOD's Great Gift – Only JESUS Warns, Promises & Saves.

JESUS despises Religion. Only He forgives sins, guarantees salvation, gives the Holy Spirit and makes new creations for His glory.

>GOD's Final Warning – Only JESUS Loves, Warns, & Saves.

GOD knows we are born stubborn rebels, deceived by Satan. He warns of His eternal, just punishment. JESUS loves and calls all to repent.

>Rejoice or Repent – Don't Die Twice. Be Born Again.

Proclaim His victory over your guilt, shame and doubt. Do not be deceived by Satan and Religion. Praise JESUS. Or, repent and be saved.

>Accept or Reject Jesus as LORD

The 2 choices, costs, and results – either a difficult, Jesus-centered life before heaven, or an easy, self-centered life before hell.

“YOU CAN HELP NOW! THANKS!” Website Section:


>JESUS of the Bible – The Living GOD. Not Dead Religion.

Proclaims the saving Truth of JESUS to unbelievers, equips followers of JESUS with handouts of GOD's Word and encourages all to “Go”.

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